First day of Oracle Fusion Middleware Partner Forum 2016 at Valencia, Spain.

This year's Oracle Fusion Middleware Partner Forum took place in Valencia, Spain.

The agenda was a mix of key notes and demos from various excellent speakers, both Oracle Product Managers and Oracle ACEs.

The introduction was held by the always excellent Jürgen Kress. Then we had a sesson with Alistar Hopkins around some messages regarding Alliance & Channels.

Then it came Ed Zou with a mix of slides and demos; he actually delivered one that makes us think twice before traveling to Las Vegas... just kidding.

Then Vikas Anand came into the picture and delivered a session with a lot of new stuff of Oracle's Integration Strategy, including an update of the Oracle API Management strategy.

Cesare Rotundo, gave us some insight about what is comming with Oracle PCS.  

And finally, Grant Ronald showed to us some cool stuff around Oracle MCS, 

At the end of the agenda, Jürgen delivered some awards to partners like HCL, AMIS, eProseed.

The company that I worked for (S&P) was not awarded, I think we were close, but it will be the next time for us.

Here are some photos:

The highlights are:

1. Cloud, Cloud and more Cloud. This is not a highlight, this is a constant for the last 18months in every Oracle event. But the good news is that much more coming, and most important: stability
2. Some white spaces are going to be addressed in up coming Oracle SOA Suite releases, for example: Oracle Integration Insights
3. There is a great opportunity to create Oracle ICS adapters. Oracle has provided 35+ adapters so far, but we (partners) should be delivering even more
4. Oracle Stream Explorer will be supporting Spark Streaming. Oracle is really turning in the leader in this space
5. Oracle MCS will be offering something very cool in the next months; I can't blog about it, but expect something very cool.