What about 2016?

2016 is gone. And with it a lot of experiences; I can tell you that it’s been one of the toughest ones in my professional career. It was full of challenges, changes, projects; we (S&P) went live with a lot of projects in different customers with different technologies/products. We released projects related with:

1.      Oracle SOA
2.      Oracle Identity Management
3.      Oracle BPM
4.      Oracle Webcenter
5.      Weblogic migrations
6.      Oracle ADF based applications
7.      Oracle Database

A lot of code was written during this year. Documentation was everywhere at any time, so as the stress.

SOA, Web Services, APIs, Microservices, XML, JSON, REST, Integration, Cloud Computing, Micro containers, etc., were words and concepts presented in many of my conversations with customers and colleagues.

We (S&P) had the opportunity to include more customers into our portfolio. Customers from different industries, countries and even continents.

My company was awarded in three different occasions during Oracle Open World 2016:
  • Oracle Specialized Partner of the year for the Latin-American region.
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware Innovation Award together with Nacional Monte de Piedad (Identity Management Project)
  • Finalist in the SOA category for Oracle Fusion Middleware Innovations Awards

I had the opportunity, together with some members of my team (Nayelli Terrazas, Leonardo González and Plinio Arbizu) to deliver two presentations during Oracle Open World. Also, I presented together with David Fonseca (Nacional Monte de Piedad) an implementation reference for Oracle BAM 12c.

I presented around 10 certification exams, both from Arcitura and Oracle. That is a rate of almost 1 per month.

We (S&P) created an Oracle Cloud demo that includes around 7 Cloud Services. That demo was presented in 3 different major events:
  • Oracle Open World 2016
  • Oracle Cloud World 2016 Mexico
  • OTN tour Mexico

I wrote articles, blog posts; also recorded podcasts and videos. All related with Oracle Products.
Some of my podcasts were in the #1 position of the Oracle Arch beat charts. Almost 30 consecutive weeks. That is more than half of the year. Some of those were recorded together with colleagues from other companies and parts of the world.

I was a technical reviewer of the Oracle ICS Implementation book written by Robert van Mölken and Phil Wilkins which is about to be published early in 2017. The book is very interesting and is a must for any person looking forward to use and work with Oracle Integration Cloud Services. The experience was very good, I had a good time reviewing all chapters and sharing my thoughts with the authors. It was also an honor for me to be their reviewer.

We participated in many events as speakers:
  1. Oracle Cloud World
  2. Oracle Open World
  3. OTN Tour Mexico and Guatemala
  4. OTN virtual summit
  5. JDEdwards and HR Oracle Users Group meetings
  6. Oracle Developer Day Guadalajara
  7. Oracle FMW Partner Forum in Valencia
  8. Jornadas de Tecnología at UNAM campus Cuauhtitlán Izcalli. This was a great event for us (Leonardo González and myself). Though it was targeted for students, the experience was very pleasant for us. We had a great time delivering that presentation
  9. Jornadas de Tecnología de ProceSAR. 
My team had some changes throughout the year (especially in the beginning). But I can share with you, that is more advanced than ever. We are moving into the right path, with the right vision. We are very well communicated and we all share the same vision on what we want to accomplish.
Regarding things that are not directly related with my professional duties, I had also some very good accomplishments:
  •         My daughter is now 5 years old.
  •         I’ve been married for more than 8 years now. My wife is always supporting me
  •         I started to study Japanese. Now I can read some things and also start a little conversation. I can differentiate among hiragana, katana and kanji
  • .      I started a radio platform in my church. We produced around 40 podcasts with a very good content.
  •        I wanted to work with some colleagues to build portable video games console that can run Nintendo, Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis games, but we couldn’t make it possible. We will have to rethink it, but is a very interesting extracurricular project.
  •        I wanted to publish a book of palindromes. I even wrote them (100), but I couldn’t publish it. I am still looking for a publisher to do it.

It’s been quite a year. Full of awards, successful projects, successful personal projects.

I just can thank God to give me the strength and patience to accomplish all that. I know is because of him that we can move forward.

Also I thank all members of my company (S&P) and my partner Ricardo González for this great 2016.

We are convinced that S&P Solutions is the #1 Middleware company in Mexico for consulting services related with SOA, APIs, ADF, Cloud Integration, Identity Management. We like that idea and we like to promote it. But that is also a huge responsibility, we need to perform in such a way inside of the company, with our customers and also outside with the community.

Thank you all.