Oracle Integration Cloud Service Linkedin adapter.

After being trying some weeks/months ago to make this happen, finally the Linkedin adapter is working in my Oracle ICS instance.

The adapter supports these operations:

In this blog post we will show the scenario of Status Update. I think this is a good one, since you can implement something with your HR department that everytime they open a new position, it can be automatically updated in Linkedin. Wouldn’t that be great? Or if someone quits or move, but at the end a new position is opened, then with the upcoming steps you can achieve it.
The first thing is to login in Oracle ICS and go to the connection section to create a new one. Then look for Linkedin adapter:

Put a name on it:

Configure your Client ID and Client Secret that u will get after creating an application in Linkedin:

The scope is what you want to use from Linkedin through the adapter. In this case I am allowing to read the basic profile of the account,  get the email address, share an update and admin the company. After clicking the Provide Consent button, your ICS credentials will be prompted:

Click in Log In, and you will get to the Linkedin consent page:

Take a look to the scopes, are exactly the ones that we configured at the connection side. After that you will get the following page:

Your connection is ready to be used in any of your integrations within ICS. So let’s go to create a new one:

We are going to create a hypothetical scenario, where a new Position is open in HR through Oracle EBS. We are going to use a previous created EBS connection and select for both the request and response, the Position object:

After that, let’s just click the Done button:

Now let’s create our target, which is the Linkedin connection we created previous steps:

We are going to use the Share update operation:

Then click Done:

Now let’s make our mappings.  The first is the request mapping. We are mapping the HireStatus element from EBS to the comment element of Linkedin

For the response, let’s map the Linkedin response to the folliwng EBS elements:
Our integration is as follows:
Now lets active it:

Check that the ACTIVE button is now green:

Then click on the little icon with an “i” inside, and get the WSDL url:

Now let’s move to SOAP UI and create a project. 

Modify the hiringStatus element and put any message you would like to publish to Linkedin. The response of our service is something like this:




The URL is the direct link to the publish messasge.

And that’s it, with this ICS will help u to publish new positions from your EBS to Linkedin.