Oracle Developer Champion

Oracle Developr Champion is a new advocacy program created by Oracle. I had the honor to be nominated to become a part of it. That happened last June 29th. It was funny, since I was at Oracle Code Mexico and I was actually talking with friends and colleagues about it. I was sharing my impression about the relevance of the program, about how cool would it be to participate on it. And about 30 minutes later I received an email from our great leader Jennifer Nicholson with my nomination. It was a great day for me.

I've been part of the Oracle ACE program since 2011. But I've been in touch with the program since 2006 or so. I used to work for Oracle and since my days in the company I was already nominating people to become part of it. Some of my nominations made it through and are very important members of the program. Then when I started my own company, one of my first goals was to be part of the ACEs and I remember how I got rejected in my first try. It was tough but that made me understand that the programs are for sharing your knowledge, to share with the community, to be humble and share your time, knowledge and life with the rest of the people. So I basically took that as a lesson and started to contribute more & more with the community. 

After that I continued to promote and nominate people to join the program and at least two more persons that I nominated are part of it.  My compromise with the program has always been there and it will remain so.

Now I have the honor to be part of the Developer Champions, people like: Lucas Jellema, Robert Van Mollken, Frank Munz and many other very talented people are already in the group. I just can be happy about it, I will learn a lot from them and I will continue with my passion and compromise to share my experience, time and knowledge with the community.

I am focus on API Management, Chatbots, DevOps and IoT. I will do my best to create content around it. To create videos, articles, blogs entries, participate on events to talk about those topics.

My agenda is already full of activites that I am going to do to collaborate with the program. I am excited that I will be a reviewer for a brand new book by my friends Luis Weir and Phil Wilkins, which is about API Management.

I am already figuring out an outline from an upcoming book that hopefully can be accepted so I can start writing again. Back in 2015 I wrote a book together with Luis Weir and A. Viveros and now I am really looking forward to write a new one with other colleagues.

I have more than 10 years writing in this blog. 10 years about writing Oracle stuff, I just can't ask for a better time to keep writing, and the fact to have been nominated as a Developer Champion has motivated me to continue doing it with even more passion.

Information about the program can be found here:

Follow us in Twitter @dev_champions

I thank all the people who has been following me and that believed in the idea of nominating me to the program. I really appreciate your help and support. I will do my best to support your confidence on me.

I thank God for continue blessing me all the days in my life.

Thank you.