Oracle Open World 2016

It’s been one of the greatest Oracle Open Worlds I’ve attended in my career. I’ve been attending OOW since 2003, almost 13 consecutives visits to the event, is quite an accomplishment. In my previous years I always was busy with customer meetings; because of my role as Product Manager for LAD, I was used to attend every single meeting that had to do with a latin american customer. Then when I became a partner, the activities during OOW were divided among:

1.      Customer meetings

2.      Attend sessions

3.      Visit the Pavilion

4.      Get together with the PMs and the community

Those were the normal activities, but since 2012, things have changed for me and for my organization. We’ve been very active during the event:

1.      Delivering sessions

2.      Attending Customer Advisory Boards

3.      Attending activities prior Oracle Open World

4.      Participating and receiving awards of the Fusion Middleware Award category

5.      Presenting together with customers

6.      Participating in discussion panels

7.      Recording two-minute techtips

8.      Attend the Oracle ACE reception

In particular OOW16 was terrific. We (S&P):

·        Received the award of Oracle Specialized Partner of the year 2016

·        Received one of the Fusion Middleware Innovation Awards. In this case, the category was Security

·        Delivered three sessions:

o   Technics and Tactics to avoid failures in your OSB

o   Cleaning your City with Oracle Cloud Services

o   A session togheter with a customer, regarding Real Time Analytics

·        Deliver a joint presentation together with a customer (Nacional Monte de Piedad)

·        Participated in Users Groups activities, representing ORAMEX from Mexico

·        Participated on a podcast recording for the Oracle Archbeat.

·        Record a 2 minute techtip

·        Participated on SOA and BPM Partner Council at Oracle HQ

·        Participated on the Partners Roundtable

·        Participated in the Oracle ACE reception

Not only that we had all that activity, but we also used the event to identify, study and create a roadmap of our company strategy for the near future. So the event itself was very relevant for me and the vision I need to have to lead my company.

Everything started on Friday 16th, when I attended the Partner Council at Oracle HQ. It was a great meeeting, it is always good to see colleagues from all over the word. I had the opportunity to have contact with people from AMIS, Opitz, Capgemini, eProceed, AVIO Consulting, etc. Also people from Oracle Product Management who shared with us their strategy and plans for the future, as well to receive our feedback. They really consider our feedback, we discuss with them many things:

a)      Product Features

b)     Roadmap

c)      Princing

d)     Packaging

That very same date we participated in the Oracle Latin America Executive Partner Summit at Four Seasons Hotel in San Francisco. This is a summit that get together the most important partners of the region. Oracle LAD shared with us strategy, it is much more a commercial meeting than a technical one. The important thing on that meeting is that we received an award. It was the: Oracle Specialized Partner for Year 2016, in the Middleware category. Isn’t that exciting? Of course it is. It is a great award to receive. We thank Oracle LAD to consider us in the nomination, and ultimately won it.

We just had one day of activity and a lot of things happened.

On Sunday the event formally started, for us started at 10:30 AM. It was our session of:

 We had a good audience. People from different parts of the world attended it. We received questions, and at the end of the session, a lot of people went with us to take some pictures and ask even more about the content.

That very same day (Sunday) I attended the Oracle ACE reception. It was a great party, as always. To be there with most of the Oracle ACEs in the world, is just amazing.

On Monday I attended some sessions, and have a very long meeting with a customer. At night we went to a party with our colleagues from AVIO Consulting. They are a very similar company than us (S&P), they have the same specializations and share the same goals. It was type of a Mexican restaurant where the organized the party. People from other partners also attended, such as AMIS (from The Netherlands), Sysco (from Norway) and many others. It was a great party as well.
Then on Tuesday we had our second session of the event. This one was together with a customer (Nacional Monte de Piedad), and in specific with David Fonseca, which is the Chief Architect of that institution. The topic was:

The session was organized and coordinated by Lloyd Williams and Simone Geib, they are Product Managers in Oracle.
Our participation was to show to the audience a live scenario on how to use Real Time Analytics through Oracle BAM. We felt very good in the session. It seems that it was well received.

During the afternoon we received our 3rd Fusion Middleware Innovation Award in four years. Isn’t that amazing? It is.

We received the award for the Security Category. The ceremony was very fun, the host was cracking jokes all the time and Oracle really made u feel as a winner.

That Tuesday we also attended the Latinamerica reception, where we met some good old friends as well as customers. We also attended the Red Expert Alliance meeting at the Thirsty Bear, it was very packed so we couldn’t talk to much with the other members, but it is always fun. And finally, we attended the SOA Community reception, which was another terrific night. I had the opportunity to talk with David Shaffer, he is such a legend in this market. I have a lot of respect to him.

On Wednesday I attended the Partners Roundtable at the Oracle office in San Francisco. It was also a great meeting. I had the chance to be among the most important partners for Oracle in the Middleware business. I am very proud to be part of it. Ed Zou hosted the event, he is great.

Then, during the afternoon, we had our third and last session of the event:

Together with Leonard, Plinio and Nayelli we delivered a great session. It is not just because that we delivered in Open World, but because it was the result of months of work. This idea of creating this demo is something we talked as a team in S&P, and Plinio’s idea was the one who got more votes. We started to work on this during March, and we have been tuning it every day. We were committed with this idea, and  the result was very satisfactory for us. We feel very very happy with what we accomplished and that was the reason why the session went so good. Every single detail was prepared and the flow was so perfect, that when the clock ticked at the 45th minute, we were saying: Thank your for coming. I feel happy & proud for my entire team, they are a great group.

Then we moved to the party, the Oracle Appreciation Event. This time it was organized at the AT&T park. I had my concerns about it, but it was such a blast. Sting and Gwen Steffani were the artists performing for us.  I had the opportunity to hang out with a great old friend, and ex Oracle, Juan Camilo.

And finally, on Thursday, we closed the event with , what in my opinion, was one of the greatest session in all OOW:

With Luis Weir I wrote a book last year: Oracle API Management 12c implementation. You can find it here:

He is great. And also Robert Wunderlich. They are so good presenting.

You can check my timeline at Twitter: @borland_c . I tweeted as crazy during the session, because it was really good:

I am more than pleased and happy to attend this year’s OOW. It has been always great to attend it. Last year it was the exception, because of a couple of things that I had to live during the event, but that is in the past.

We also went to a baseball game and a football game. Those are also moments that I enjoy with my business partner (Ricardo González).

I am very thankful for all the awards and the type of participation we had this year's OOW. It was the best of my life, with no doubt.

Regarding the sessions and the content itself throughout the event, it is clear that the message is all about the  Cloud. There is no turning point at this stage, Oracle has moved into the Cloud. Oracle is innovating and creating new products that are being created to have a cloud nature, new functionality that is just available in the cloud and not necessarily on premise.